Personalized Shopping Bags: The SBO Solution to a Ban on Plastic Bags

June 10, 2013
Personalized Shopping BagsWhether or not you’re an avid supporter of environmental causes, it’s hard to deny that Americans produce far too much waste. To combat the twin problems of waste removal and pollution, many cities are banning single-use plastic bags, the type you get in grocery stores and pharmacies. Every small business owner will have to cope with these changes at one point, but the solution is simple: personalized shopping bags. The fact is many business owners already pay to have customized bags made. The problem is they are plastic and customers throw them out as quickly as they get them. The opportunity to advertise your company and build brand awareness is essentially being thrown in the trash. If you order customized shopping bag, the problem will begin to diminish. Customers will be carrying your brand name, slogan, and logo all over town, promoting your business whether you know it or not. The phenomenon of wholesale shopping bags is becoming bigger than any small business owners expected. It turns out people don’t like wasting plastic bags, and feel guilty about the countless number they’ve already tossed aside. You see them blowing down streets, defacing otherwise pristine scenes in nature and even floating in lakes and oceans. It’s hard to take, so people who get eco-friendly reusable grocery bags end up using them on a daily basis. There is also the economical impact of single-use plastic bags. They are difficult to recycle, so cities like New York can’t include them in regular programs, a fact that is unknown to most citizens. As a result, 100,000 tons of these (featherweight) bags get sent to landfills out of state because New York can’t handle them. It costs $10 million to outsource this plastic bag disposal every year, and taxpayers pay the bill. Meanwhile, owners of businesses have to order plastic bags constantly to keep up with an insatiable demand. Clearly, it isn’t sustainable – financially or environmentally. City councils are passing laws across the country banning these plastic bags, but there is a way you can combat the issue firsthand: stop ordering plastic and get your own personalized shopping bags now. You’ll help cut down on plastic waste, promote your business, and you will feel good about contributing to the well-being of the environment. That’s quite a solution. For more information about our premium reusable eco-friendly shopping bags or for a quote please visit