Pioneers in Plastic Bag Ban Praise Effects of Reusable Bags, Reject Resistance from Texas Lawmaker

March 29, 2013
In 2011, residents of Brownville, Texas were finally free to celebrate their banning of plastic bags. South Padre Island, a coastal area in Texas, has also been enjoying over two years of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags taking over their municipality. What then could a local lawmaker possibly hope to achieve in advocating the overturn of plastic bag bans statewide? While a multitude of theories abound, local residents have begun taking action by informing Rep. Drew Springer of (R-Muenster, TX) of the many positive effects of reusable bags . Indeed, most Texans consider the ban a local success, and the efforts by Springer an overreach by a small-time politician. Residents for one have happily reported that far less plastic bags have been drifting about, beautifying their local bays and beaches. Companies that have purchased wholesale reusable grocery bags have also praised the ban, pleased with their respective brands and logos receiving greater public exposure. Further, the communities of Brownsville and South Padre Island have profited from the ban, selling plastic bags for a dollar to those without reusable bags (interestingly, many businesses are offering enviro-friendly personalized shopping bags for the same price). Brownsville, for example, reported collecting $250,000 in the first year of the ban; this money has subsequently been recycled back to aid local environmental efforts. In short, the ban has been a smashing success. So why the resistance? Many observers see it as a ploy to garner larger campaign donations from businesses that dislike going green. But is political posturing acceptable at all when the environment and our natural habitat are at stake? It’s doubtful that Texas residents – pioneers of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags – are going to sit quietly while this bill makes the rounds. For more information about our eco-friendly reusable shopping bags visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions.