Plastic Bag Bans Address the Waste of Oil and Energy

May 12, 2014
You can see the causal waste of energy in every facet of daily life. From the office buildings with their lights running overnight to gas-guzzling cars and single-use grocery bags, wasting energy – and the resources needed to produce it – has become a way of American life. However, there are ways to confront these wastes. Reusable wholesale grocery bags and smart energy practices at home show just how simple it can be. Bags Made of Oil High carbon emissions present problems for the world in rising temperatures and sea levels. As the earth’s temperature increases, the corresponding rise in polar ice melting is creating a chain effect across all ecosystems. The emissions contributing to climate change come in part from factories that produce products using oil. It takes oil to produce plastic bags; it takes oil to ship plastic bags to stores; and it takes oil to drive through the city cleaning up plastic bag litter before driving it to landfills (more oil). That’s a great deal of oil, yet the benefits are nonexistent. Anyone can use wholesale grocery bags rather than single-use bags for trips to the store. Bag Bans and Fees Work Cities that have tried recycling plastic bags have been discouraged by the lack of participation. Voluntary programs do not help people change habits. Banning or charging fees for plastic bags is a system that has worked. From the huge reductions in plastic bag use in Washington, D.C. to the drop in trash volumes following the L.A. ban, this method helps communities become greener while saving taxpayers a lot of money. This way of adjusting your daily lifestyle can carry over into energy use at home. When you are not inside a room, make sure the lights are off. Unplug appliances when not in use. If you’re traveling a short distance alone, consider riding a bike or taking mass transit. You’ll save on your energy bill at home as well as gasoline costs in transportation. Going green is a cost-effective way to live. Of course, reducing carbon emissions and helping sustain the planet’s resources is a terrific byproduct. Wholesale grocery bags make it easy to go green, and to start immediately. For more information about Holden Bags or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885.