Plastic Bags Going the Way of the Dinosaur? Here’s the Solution

August 05, 2013
As a nation, we may be coming late to the realization that plastic bags are bad on nearly every front. They take a great deal of energy to produce, they pollute the environment in so many ways, and take thousands of years to biodegrade. Most of Europe and nearly half of California have banned or stifled the use of plastic bags, making reusable grocery bags the norm in every shopping situation. How long until the rest of the U.S. follows suit? Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags Bloomberg, the business news outlet of the eponymous New York mayor, broached the issue in June, in an article titled “Plastic Bags May Go the Way of Lead Paint, Lawn Darts.” Noting the recent plastic bag ban in L.A., the article addresses how efforts in New York and Chicago may follow. Plastic bag lobbyists get their fair say, but the solution of stocking eco-friendly reusable shopping bags seems too easy to ignore. Why would the circulation of reusable grocery bags ever be considered inadequate? Right now, an eco-friendly company can get a great deal out of the (minimal) investment in green bags. First, you tell your customers you don’t support unnecessary waste, and won’t stock plastic bags. Second, you give them the solution at an affordable price (or for free). Third, you watch the message spread around town as your customers reuse your tote bags, an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag can say a mouthful (that’s traveling advertising). Finally, you show the community that you are committed to the future. It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to support a cause like elimination of plastic bags. Carrying a bag to the store is all it takes. The question soon might be whether your business plans to go the way of lead paint and lawn darts. After all, the choice for an eco-friendly company is clear: it’s time to show your green credentials every day you open for business and Holden Bags in here to help you do so. For more information please visit