Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags: Where Environmental Concerns Meet Commerce

February 11, 2013
Every business owner must struggle with balancing environmental concerns with the need to make a living. Can you succeed on both counts and go home proud of a day’s work every evening? In fact, you can satisfy the needs of your company and the planet simultaneously by putting custom tote bags into circulation as part of a marketing effort. Promotional reusable shopping bags are one way business owners can do well on behalf of the environment and your enterprise. As environmental solutions go, this move couldn’t be simpler. Reusable shopping bags mean customers won’t use a bag once and then throw it out. Well-designed, sturdy totes allow for hundreds of uses, if not more. Unlike single-use bags that are not biodegradable and continue to eliminate space in local landfills, reusable bags do their job over and over, making sense for people who want materials worth keeping. When people get reusable bags, they are proud to use them and show their support for the cause. While they carry custom reusable grocery bags with your company name on it, they offer you a free advertising portal. People around town take note – sometimes, subconsciously – of the brands and logos they see on tote bags. You are advertising multiple things: care for the planet, support of smart solutions and your growing business at the same time. Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are a winning formula from every angle. Holden Bags will customize your wholesale shopping bags to any color and specifications you like. Whether you charge a nominal fee for the bags or give them away as promotional reusable shopping bags, you will see a return on your investment as soon as the first one goes out the door. For more information please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 for a quote.