Reusable Bags: How to Be the Change Your Community Needs

June 20, 2014
There is a quote, often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, which suggests you “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Although Gandhi indeed said it much subtler than that, the general point is the same: A single act by a single person has an effect on the community at large. Multiply that change by the number of people in a city and the effect may be enormous. Store owners who choose to stock wholesale reusable shopping bags can begin such a trend in their community. Reusable bags are becoming a fixture in U.S. society. In some cases, people are responding to local ordinances banning plastic bags, while in other cases people take it upon themselves by trying to be less wasteful in their everyday lives. So many people have realized it is easy to bring bags to the store, thereby never having a need for plastic bags again. As a result, communities in California are seeing less pollution on the coastline. Change has come to places because of the acts of just a few people. Store owners and community leaders can effect such a change in any American town or city. As New York residents have learned, it is unpractical to wait for the City Council to pass a law that does what the community wants. Why not take matters into your own hands and order wholesale reusable shopping bags for your business? You can be the change you want to see in the world – whether or not Gandhi said that, he probably would have agreed with the concept. Changing public policy is a challenge that drains patience and time. However, starting with your own microcosm – your store or company – you can set a tone that resonates far and wide. It is difficult to argue that reusable shopping bags have a downside. Everyone likes the idea of a cleaner community. Why not start a trend on your own – one that makes your community a place where progress is welcome? Why not be the change? For more information about our premium eco-friendly reusable shopping bags or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885.