Reusable Shopping Bags: A Green Marketing Revolution

Reusable Shopping Bags: A Green Marketing Revolution

August 23, 2012

Did you know that roughly 100 billion plastic bags are used per year in the United States alone? And that around four billion of those bags end up as litter, blowing around city streets or neighborhood parks? It’s no secret that plastic bags are harmful to the environment, but it’s difficult to understand the full impact until you cast your eyes on the raw stats.

Luckily, an increasing number of shoppers are relying on a new solution to get their purchases from the checkout counter to the door: The reusable bag. You’ve probably seen them at the grocery store, the pharmacy and even some big box retailers—reusable bags are certainly the item of the moment for customers and businesses looking to go green.

Reusable bags are more than just a comfortable, convenient way for customers to carry goods. When implemented at a store level, reusable bags can help a company enhance its green image in addition to earning a bit of free advertising exposure along the way. Retailers that invest in reusable shopping bags may find that the benefits extend far beyond helping their customers to reduce litter, and free advertising is just the beginning.

The Custom Tote Bag Advantage

Imagine this scenario: A customer stops by your store and makes a small purchase. She also picks up one of your custom tote bags, which she uses to carry her goods from one location to the next. This customer has, in effect, just become a walking billboard for your business. Everyone that passes her on the street will see her reusable bag and the brand logo on its side, raising community awareness of your brand (and its environment-friendly philosophy). Additionally, that same customer will be reminded of your business every time she sees the bag hanging in her home.

The most important thing to note about reusable tote bags is that many customers use them on a daily basis, even if he or she isn’t visiting your business. Every time one of your bags goes out into the wilds of a city or community, your brand goes with it. And, of course, it carries a positive green message along, giving your brand a valuable positive association for every person exposed via the shopping bag. All at no cost to you beyond the initial purchasing of the bags.

It’s not difficult to snag reusable bags for your business—industry-leading providers like provide quick quotes and low prices for wholesale shopping bags. And the cost of the bags to your business depends entirely on how you price them at the counter. Some businesses offer bags for a small fee, some offer them free of charge. It all comes down to your budget and the message you’re hoping to send.

Customers are more environment-conscious than ever. Reusable shopping bags make them feel positive about your business, provide you with free, repeated exposure, and help the environment out along the way. It’s hard to find a business solution that’s more win-win.