Reusable Shopping Bags Give Your Business More Consistent Exposure than Ever Before!

September 13, 2012

If you are concerned about your business’s carbon footprint, it is time to consider switching from disposable bags to custom reusable shopping bags. Single-use plastic and paper bags continue to be one of the biggest problems in the struggle to reduce waste in the twenty-first century. Turning to personalized reusable bags might be one of the best decisions you make for your business – while they are great for the environment, they also provide a tremendous amount of exposure for your company.

Consider the effect of hundreds of people carrying bags with your company’s logo on it in large letters. Can you think of a better advertisement? Even when you invest in expensive print, television or radio ads, they pass by as soon as the segment is complete, or once the page is turned. With custom reusable shopping bags, the exposure doesn’t end. It is a walking advertisement without any sort of time limit. In fact, you would be right to think your business never had such consistent exposure.

Once you invest in wholesale reusable bags from, the marketing is handled by your customers. These reusable bags are useful and durable, meaning they have thousands of days of use ahead of them as soon as they make it into your customers’ hands. Can you put a figure on what you would pay for that type of exposure? If you tried to calculate the equivalent in terms of advertising costs, it would be astounding and you’d probably shudder at the thought. Wholesale reusable bags pay for themselves in a very short time.

Of course, the decision to buy reusable shopping bags for your business goes far beyond the constant exposure your brand will get. The bigger benefit is in the amount of waste your company will help prevent from daily operations. There is no room left in the landfills for this type of wasteful behavior. Furthermore, plastic bags are causing problems in the environment far away from the business transaction taking place in your city. Though you might not see the destruction of life and ecosystem caused by plastic in our oceans, but it is happening on a daily basis on a frightening scale.

Few environmentalists expect to go back in time to adopt practices used in a pre- industrial era. That suggestion would not be realistic. However, making an investment in wholesale reusable bags especially from eco-friendly wholesalers like Holden Bags is the best choice. Not only are you cutting down on the amount of plastic waste sent out into the environment but also attracting consistent exposure to your name and business, which is a win-win situation all around!