Running a Retail Store? Avoid These 3 Brand-Altering Mistakes

Running a Retail Store? Avoid These 3 Brand-Altering Mistakes

August 07, 2017

Your company's brand should be one of the most important aspects of your business no matter what industry you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a multi-million dollar hotel chain or a small-town diner, if your brand’s image has a negative connotation attached to it and an unflattering reputation is now synonymous with your business, you’re in serious trouble. 

The retail industry is certainly no exception. 

If you’re running a retail store, whether it’s small shop or a major corporation, you should do everything possible to improve your store’s reputation and maintain a positive image. Here are a few costly mistakes to avoid that can lead to a negative brand and an unsuccessful business. 

Only offering plastic bags to your customer for their products

Times have certainly changed in the United States. People are more environmentally conscious than ever before and that trend is essentially forcing plastic bags out of retail. Because discarded plastic bags make up more than 10% of the washed-up debris polluting the nation’s coastline, people and stores are making the switch to custom reusable grocery bags instead. 

Everyone from national environmental groups to average grocery shoppers are giving up on plastic bags and are using reusable grocery bags and reusable retail bags. If your store ignores this national outcry for a greener planet, you’re going to anger a lot of people, subsequently putting your business in their crosshairs. So avoid sticking with plastic bags. Not only are these custom reusable grocery bags environmentally friendly, they are much more convenient for you and your customers. 

Being inactive on social media

If you’re so concerned about your brand’s success but aren’t constantly updating your social media pages, you might as well sit and wait for your business to be labeled as “out of touch.” 

Technology has made it extremely easy to at least do the bare minimum when it comes to consumer engagement. You can simply get on social media a few times a day and respond to messages, post comments, answer questions, and share content. Doing those easy tasks will help build a stronger relationship with your followers and customers and will effectively improve your brand in the meantime. 

Hiring disengaged and lazy employees

Though social media is the easiest way to grow your brand, having a poor quality staff is the easiest way to ruin it. People will share their stories about their interactions at your store and if they continue to be negative experiences, you’ll develop a very poor reputation. Don’t just hire anyone that applies to your retail store. Really take the time to ensure you’re hiring the best staff possible who are on board with growing your brand and not just earning a paycheck. 

As long as you’re careful with your retail store and remain active and socially aware, you should be ready for a successful year. If you're of the environmentally friendly persuasion and you're dying to learn more about custom reusable grocery bags for your business, contact Holden Bags today!