San Diego Moves Toward a Plastic Bag Ban

September 26, 2013
Now that nearly 80 cities in California have taken action on plastic bags, news of an impending ban in San Diego is not surprising. Blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, San Diego residents have been finding these bags blowing down the coast, washing into the waters, and polluting every area of the city. Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags would eliminate the need for this waste, and San Diego’s City Council is going to draw up legislation to ban plastic bags for good. News organizations that asked residents how they felt about it found most San Diegans open to the idea and pleased with it. A charge of 10 cents would be placed on paper bags, while plastic bags would be banned outright. Anyone carrying eco-friendly reusable shopping bags would be exempt from any charge, of course, while plastic produce bags would still be available. It is very much a common-sense bill, similar to the one before the City Council in New York. A few business owners expressed concern over the bill, saying it would hurt revenues if people were charged for bags. This assessment seems shortsighted, since there is no charge if people bring their own bags. That’s a simple remedy. Business owners can also do themselves a favor by picking up reusable shopping bags because essentially they are free advertising. Wholesale grocery bags become advertisements for storeowners and when shoppers see the name of your company on the bags, they will associate you with something positive and more than likely remember your name. It’s a great investment for any storeowner to pick up a batch of custom shopping bags for their customers. You can do some advertising while you offer something very useful – a bag that is pro the environment and reduces the use of plastic. For more information or to take a look at our inventory please visit .