San Francisco Restaurants Lead the Way in Banning Plastic Bags!

October 17, 2013
It won’t surprise many that San Francisco is leading the way when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives. Already a pioneer with a plastic bag ban among city retailers, San Francisco is expanding the program to include restaurants as well. Compostable bags are now the only items that may be used when taking leftovers or takeout from a restaurant, and in addition, there will be a charge for these bags. San Francisco is steamrolling toward an ambitious goal of zero waste by 2020. Ensuring your business has reusable shopping bags to fill the void, not only creates an opportunity for anyone who wants to promote their business on reusable shopping bags to but showcase your advocacy for eco-friendly initiatives. Take the first step and order wholesale custom bags from the leading provider of reusable shopping bags. Holden Bags is the best of the best whether you want biodegradable plastic bags or reusable grocery bags, our products make grocery shopping in San Francisco and everywhere else simple as possible. Customers love them because they are made from the highest quality and create no waste. Business owners take full advantage of the promotion they receive when customers carry their company name and logo around town. The main goal is to keep encouraging residents to eliminate landfill waste. Reaching the community’s zero waste goal by 2020 will take a great deal of effort and this latest initiative is another step in the right direction to conserve our planet. Whether you include them in a promotion or sell them at cost, wholesale custom bags are the right investment. For more information or to receive a quote please visit contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions.