Santa Fe to Follow Austin in Making Reusable Tote Bags the New Normal?

March 21, 2013
Recently, Austin passed and is successfully enforcing a plastic bag ban. In neighboring New Mexico, the capital of Santa Fe is considering making reusable tote bags for shopping the new normal, among other environmental efforts. While Austin is one of the leading cities in the U.S. environmental movement, Santa Fe also sees an opportunity to bring in reusable bags as the beginning of a smarter trash policy, especially considering the amount of trash regularly brought to the city’s landfills. A taskforce has been working on a similar proposal for over a year; with the Austin ban getting great reviews in the region, many see it as an opportunity to move forward. Businesses can sell or give away wholesale custom tote bags to promote their establishments and help residents quickly comply. As always, some powerful business interests are concerned about making their operations greener. This is likely due to a lack of extensive research. Storeowners have to buy a lot of plastic bags to keep up with demand; unknown to many, this excess can be eliminated completely. With custom reusable tote bags replacing them, they can eliminate that expense completely. Additionally, buying wholesale custom tote bags amounts to a clever advertising campaign. Your brand name and logo will have a great deal of daily exposure when your bags are reused on a daily basis. So Santa Fe residents wait while lawmakers decide on timing and feasibility. Can New Mexican landfills sustain any more of this unmitigated waste? Austin’s new policy has dramatically cut down on its percentage of trash going to landfills. At this point, reusable bags have helped the city get close to 40% less landfill-bound materials – a significant achievement. By 2015, this percentage is projected to be 50%, and by 2040, an astounding 90%. Of course, Santa Fe business owners and residents have to start somewhere; their first step can be made by ordering custom reusable shopping bags from the premier leader of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags, Holden Bags.