Save the Planet with Reusable Halloween Bags!

October 24, 2013
halloween bagsThe month of October brings great opportunities for festive attire and unique costumes for families across the country. This month also presents a great opportunity for any business owner to make this annual spook-fest green with personalized Halloween bags. Your business’ logo can be imprinted on reusable eco-friendly bags which can be given to your customers as promotional items. Personalized Halloween bags cut down on any wasteful plastic bags that end up in the trash, or even worse, in our sewers that lead to the ocean. The practice of using a new bag every time you need to transport your goods is no longer sustainable. Pollution levels at sea and on land are becoming a great concern causing cities everywhere to join the fight against this negative effect by banning single-use plastic bags. Some are even going as far as banning paper as well, in order to combat the problem. L.A. and San Francisco are the biggest cities with plastic bag bans in place. Once the open legislation in New York is passed, the country can embark on a path toward a nationwide ban. Celebratory holidays and events such as Halloween, Easter, and Christmas could use a boost when it comes to eco-friendly solutions. And during the month of October personalized Halloween bags are a great way to start! They can become a family’s go-to bag every year during Halloween season, as they are made of safe, durable and long lasting materials. Not only can your business benefit by being a trendsetter with reusable Halloween bags, but receiving a great amount of exposure is a great way to promote your company name. As your bags make their way around town during school events, community parties, and the big trick-or-treat night, everyone will see the name and logo of your company and connect you with the green effort. These bags are practical and interactive, offering tips for the successful collection of goodies and featuring classic Halloween images. If you want to increase your brand exposure and help save the planet in the process, personalized Halloween bags are the ticket. For more information or to request a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885.