Starting a New Grocery Business? Consider These 4 Helpful Tips

Starting a New Grocery Business? Consider These 4 Helpful Tips

May 22, 2017

Starting a new grocery business or market can be difficult; these businesses have a notoriously thin profit margin. However, with more and more consumers interested in buying from local, independent retailers, there is also a huge opportunity. Of course, you have to plan so much to ensure your success, but as long as you are careful during this initial planning process, know when to making changes, and have the right team, you should end up having a great store. 

Here are a few additional things you can do to improve your brand new grocery business. 

  1. Use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic -- Rather than having plastic bags, which on average are only used for 25 minutes at a time, stock your grocery store with reusable bags. This will help set you apart from larger chain superstores, and your customers will take pride in benefiting the environment.
  2. Find new ways to promote your brand -- Find ways to get outside of the building. For instance, participate in local events and fundraisers to promote your brand. Likewise, make sure your customers are taking your branding with you when they leave. Here's one option: Don’t just go with the boring wine bags that every other store in the county uses. Go with better quality wine bags that can be customized with your logo and branding.
  3. Stay in contact with your customers -- Never take a loyal customer for granted! For returning customers, treat them like they are your actual friends. If they feel like they're giving you their business but you're not returning the favor, they will undoubtedly find another company to do business with. In addition to regularly engaging with your regular customers, talk to brand new customers after their first shopping experience in your store. Find out about how they felt about your business and their overall shopping experience. Ask them what you can do to improve their experience -- and then truly make an effort to do so. These little touches can go a long way towards inspiring brand loyalty.
  4. Keep your store clean at all times -- No one likes a messy store, and that's especially important in stores that sell fresh food. It's essential that you keep your premises as clean as possible every single day. Make sure every aisle, every cart, and every shelf is looking great every day.

It's time to improve your grocery store! If you want to learn more about reusable bags and wine totes, contact Holden Bags today.