Stylishly Sustainable: Ideas to Personalize Your Reusable Grocery Bag

Stylishly Sustainable: Ideas to Personalize Your Reusable Grocery Bag

March 16, 2017

By ditching plastic bags, you have taken an important step in reducing your environmental footprint. A typical plastic bag can take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to decompose, and the typical consumer will use up to 1,000 plastic bags a year! Even paper bags, though they may seem like a viable alternative, do not decompose easily in a landfill. From landfills, to wildlife habitats, to the world's oceans, these disposable bag materials pollute and harm the natural world.

By opting to use reusable grocery bags, you are reducing the amount of hazardous materials in the environment. If that wasn't enough of a benefit, reusable bags can also be colorful and stylish accessories for your next shopping trip. Try out these ideas to add your personality to your newest sustainable accessory. 

Screen Print A Symbol

Add small details to your bag with iron-on screen prints. Your local craft store will have a variety of shapes and designs to choose from. Whether showing off your favorite animal or supporting your favorite sports team, an iron-on will add some personality to your tote. This is also a fun way to add extra color and texture.

Get Creative With Paint

If screen printing is beyond your crafting abilities, simply use fabric paint to add your own unique designs. Try adding a border to the edges or small details to the corners of the tote. This is also a great way to write your name on your bag.

Add Pins

Send a message by adding a pin. Whether you have your own button maker or choose to buy a pin from the store, adding these small details is a subtle personal touch. Try spreading the pins out on the surface of the bag or group them together.

Try Our Embroidery

Stitching on your own design is another creative way to add a personal touch. However, if you need to order reusable grocery bags in bulk, you can use our custom embroidery options. Be sure to consider the material of the bag when choosing your thread thickness. This idea is another great way to add a bold border or a subtle detail to your bag.

Sew Your Own

If our reusable grocery bags have inspired your latent artistic abilities, try sewing your own tote out of old materials. Turning your old t-shirts or blankets into bags is not only sustainable, but it makes a great reusable gift for your friends.

Whether you choose to use your reusable bag as it is or decorated with personal touches, you are living a more sustainable life by using it. With numerous environmental benefits, switching to reusable bags takes you one step closer to a healthier future.