Sustainable Living: Green Retailing Makes Sense

July 02, 2013
Green Tote BagsFace it: the world is becoming a greener place. The people who walk through the doors of your store think green, and they demand a greener shopping experience. Wise retailers have found that it pays to bring a bit of green to their stores. From eco-friendly reusable shopping bags to recycling centers, major chains like Target and even local shops are learning the ins and outs of green retailing. The benefits do not just include being kind to the environment, but also a boost to business as green-conscious shoppers seek out businesses with eco-friendly practices. First Steps – Green Tote Bags One of the easiest first steps for retailers to take is the reusable shopping bag option. Most stores already invest in personalized shopping bags of the plastic or paper variety, so taking it a step further and offering eco-friendly reusable shopping bags is simply the next logical step. After all, in today’s world, having plastic bags blowing in the wind with your store’s name on it is actually bad advertising. Yes, it gets your name out, but in a counterproductive way. Instead, someone walking out of the store with green tote bags emblazoned with your store name, automatically gains some great recognition. Another way to encourage green practices with bags is offering a discount based on the number of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags utilized. Target, for example, takes five cents off the total price for each reusable bag the customer brings. What incentive programs can you implement in your store? Taking Strides – Beyond Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags Once you have taken the first few steps of providing your customers with personalized shopping bags, there are still other great ways to contribute to the green cause. After all, green tote bags have been around for a while, so keeping up with the latest green retailing trends is critical. Here are a few suggestions: • Recycling Center – many customers are concerned with the amount of waste that goes into the landfills. Providing a place for them to drop off their glass jars, plastic bottles, and other recyclable materials gives them another reason to frequent your store. • Green Cleaning – customers concerned with chemical exposure will be thankful if your store cleans with eco-friendly products. • Eco-Friendly Products – try offering a selection of green products in your store. You might be surprised how many people will purchase green cleaners, as well as other eco-friendly products such as bags and light bulbs etc. If you have not yet stepped into the eco-friendly world, green tote bags are an excellent place to start. But don’t be tempted to stop there. Moving beyond reusable personalized shopping bags will keep you on the cutting edge with your green-conscious customers.