The 1 Simple Tool You Need To Grow Your Green Brand

The 1 Simple Tool You Need To Grow Your Green Brand

February 05, 2018

If you own a grocery store, liquor store, or any type of retail store and you've been looking for ways you can help the environment while boosting customer loyalty, listen up. To grow your brand as a sustainability-focused company, there's one simple tool you can use to get started: reusable bags. These bags not only benefit customers directly, but they send the clear message that you are committed to going green and helping the local ecosystem.

Let's take a liquor or wine store as an example. Custom wine bags can help decrease the amount of plastic bags that end up in a landfill. Since plastic photodegrades and doesn't biodegrade, plastic particles simply get smaller and more numerous, eventually ending up in the world's oceans and damaging the environment in many ways. By replacing plastic bags and instead choosing to buy wine bags in bulk, you can finally start growing your green brand.

What's in it for me?

Other than feeling good about doing your part to prevent further environmental damage, you'll have a unique marketing opportunity. Since you have the option to get custom wine bags, you can place your liquor store's logo on all of these bags. Because they are reusable, people will cultivate a connection with the brand imagery and all of their friends will see the bag. This is great exposure, but it gets better. 

You might suspect that no one will buy these custom wine bags, but what if you use it as a promotion? Making a game out of these sales has the potential to bring in more customers. For example, on every custom wine bag you sell, put a unique number. Tell customers that if they buy a reusable wine bag they will be entered for a chance to win a bottle of top-shelf wine of their choice. This could easily move through your current inventory of custom wine bags and make one lucky person very happy. 

Little things like raffles or competitions can make environmentalism go mainstream. And once people realize how much better it is to use one shopping bag for everything, it will catch on. But what about paper and plastic bags?

Another marketing strategy you can do after your raffle is make an offer for all customers to bring in whatever plastic bags they had in the past and sell them back to you. This will cost a relatively small amount for you, and then you could bring the plastic bags to a proper recycling plant so you can be sure they won't sit in a landfill for 1,000 years. 

Of course, these are just two suggestions for using custom wine bags to build your brand. The environment doesn't always have to lose. There are ways to grow your business while being environmentally conscious. If you want to buy wine bags in bulk, contact us today.