The Benefits of Reusable Shopping Bags

April 05, 2013

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a solution to plastic bags or a concerned citizen hoping to help the planet, reusable shopping bags are the easiest solution to implement. Once you start adding up the number of bags you can save from entering landfills, the decision is easy. These five benefits of reusable shopping bags are their biggest endorsement.

  1. They stop the landfill pileup. Where does our trash go after it is put on the curb? In most cases, it goes to a landfill, a part of the country designated for trash. What happens when landfills become full? We have to turn more of our country into trash-holding zones. By substituting an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag , we reduce the amount of plastic bags used, saving a great deal of bags from ending up in landfills.
  2. Reusable bags stop a wasteful production cycle. Once the demand for plastic bags drops -as customized shopping bags grow in numbers- the supply chain for plastic bags stops. That means less energy wasted on producing and transporting bags that serve a minimal purpose.
  3. You’ll stop seeing them on the streets and in the water. Why are so many plastic bags turning up in our oceans and streams killing sea life? Why are they littering our streets? There are so many plastic bags in circulation that we simply can’t use them. Instead, they are tossed aside, polluting our environment. Turning to reusable shopping bags will change this fact.
  4. They can be used as advertising portals for green businesses. When businesses orders customized shopping bags, everyone gets to see the company name out in public. They have countless use and they serve as excellent advertising space.
  5. Each use contributes to the fight against global warming. When an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag is in use, a plastic bag is not. This means less trash, less pollution, which means a slower rate of global warming.
  6. Turning to reusable shopping bags doesn’t mean we can solve every issue confronting our environment but it is certainly a great way to start. Start today!