The Effects of Plastic: Whales Dying from Plastic Consumption

November 19, 2013
Sometimes it takes a real wakeup call for us to see the harm caused by daily habits. In the case of plastic bag use, dead whales washing up on our shores are providing more than enough evidence. Communities everywhere are finding whales that have died from ingesting too much plastic, and it’s become a common occurrence. One thing that we can all agree on is that the destruction of the ocean and its wildlife ought to be enough to switch to reusable bags in our daily shopping trips. What’s the alternative? Making reusable bags part of our daily habits can help reverse this course. How would eco-friendly reusable shopping bags help our wildlife? People who carry very little groceries home have no need for single-use plastic bags. For a single use, millions of birds and precious sea life meet their end when the plastic makes it into their food supply. Have we become so callous that we believe we have the right to destroy the ecosystem for a little convenience? By making simple changes in our everyday routine, the community becomes more conscious of the positive effects it can have on our environment. Communities around the world have banned the use of plastic bags while much of California and the Pacific Northwest (not to mention Austin and Santa Fe) have followed suit. It is so simple to make eco-friendly reusable shopping bags part of our lives. Business owners and citizens everywhere can start the change and buying reusable bags for your business is the easiest way to begin. The first step in reducing our environments pollution is eliminating the use of single use plastic bags and business owners can make this happen. For more information about the best reusable shopping bags please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions.