Tips to Ease Your Transition From Plastic to Reusable Bags

Tips to Ease Your Transition From Plastic to Reusable Bags

April 27, 2017

Even when we know it's for the best, change is never easy. And while most of us want to help protect the planet, it can be a challenge to put going green into practice. In order to form those new habits, we have to maintain a more focused awareness and consciously incorporate those eco-friendly methods into our everyday routines.

One simple way to reduce waste is to use wholesale reusable shopping bags and grocery bags. Whether you're running a quick errand or are treating yourself to a weekend trip to the mall, this one small action can potentially make a huge difference. After all, wholesale reusable bags have a tremendously long lifespan, equal to more than that of 700 disposable plastic bags! If everyone were to switch to reusable wholesale grocery bags instead of opting for the disposable plastic ones you get at the store, the effect could be enormous.

However, remembering to bring and use those bags on your shopping trip can be difficult at first. When we're used to relying on cashiers to give us our carrying containers, it can be a bit of an adjustment. If you want to make the switch but are struggling with how to make using those bags more convenient, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Buy more bags than you think you'll need

A couple of reusable bags may suffice for a quick trip to the corner store or farmers' market, but what about when you're shopping for a holiday meal or family event? If your shopping cart is filled to the brim, having just a few wholesale grocery bags won't cut it. The same goes for days when you're planning on making a few different stops. Be sure to invest in enough reusable bags that you won't be forced to turn to additional plastic ones for larger trips.

Keep bags in your vehicle(s)

There's hardly any point in owning reusable bags if you don't actually use them. You're likely going to forget to bring them out from the house into the car on a daily basis, and if you make an impromptu stop, you'll have to use the plastic kind. To avoid these scenarios, keep your reusable bags in your car at all times. If your family uses two vehicles, keep a set of bags in each. That way, no one will be stuck at a store without them. When you unload your purchases in the house, be sure to bring your bags back out to the car right after!

Wash your bags regularly

Reusable bags can last a long time, but they'll also pick up dirt from the car and potential bacteria from food. You definitely won't want to use a bag if it's grimy or has dealt with a spill, but the great thing about reusable bags is that they can be laundered. Every week or so, be sure to put them in the washing machine. This can actually help you incorporate their use as part of your regular routine, and it will help keep your family safe.

Thinking of making the switch to reusable wholesale grocery bags? Holden Bags has all of the products you need to implement this eco-friendly practice. For more information, get in touch with us today!