Tired of Plastic Bags Polluting the Community? Here’s a Green Alternative

June 27, 2014
There is no mystery why cities as diverse as Austin and San Francisco have banned plastic bags. Instead of serving a useful purpose, single-use plastic bags end up polluting the community and making nature an ugly thing to behold. Is that worth the convenience of carrying a few groceries to the car?  Most people agree those days are over. Wholesale grocery bags that are reusable and affordable provide a much better solution. Anyone tired of seeing plastic bags on the beach, in parks, on street corners and elsewhere in the community has options. For starters, you could encourage family and friends to start bringing reusable bags to the store. This first step is important – and its effects are contagious. Once people get used to the idea of bringing a bag, it hurts to accept plastic bags that obviously do so much harm to the environment. Designing wholesale grocery bags with your company logo on them is another great way to start in protesting the impact of plastic bags on your community. Show your customers these plastic sacks are not essential and never have been. Paper bags come from trees and are often just as abused, so this option is not the right solution. Carrying groceries from the store to your home is not worth the oil in production, transport and cleanup. Likewise, it is not worth the hassle, expense and impracticality of recycling plastic bags. The solution is right in front of everyone’s eyes. People in California, Texas, Rhode Island and (soon) Chicago are doing just fine with a plastic bag ban. Their communities are showing positive effects from cleaner public spaces to lower levels of trash that needs to go to landfills. Business owners do not have to wait for elected officials to act on this common-sense initiative. Order wholesale grocery bags and start the green movement in your community today. For more information about our premium eco-friendly reusable shopping bags or for a quote please visit www.HoldenBags.com or contact us at 800.255.0885.