What Am I Supposed to Do With This Drawstring Bag?

What Am I Supposed to Do With This Drawstring Bag?

November 01, 2016

You are familiar with the reusable totebag.  You know how it’s good for the environment, how much stronger it is and how it can even be a fashion statement.  A different kind of reusable bag has come onto the scene – the drawstring bag.  It may not be new to you but until recently, it had limited use.  If you have never had one, you may wonder “What am I supposed to do with this drawstring bag?”  Here are a few things that make them indispensable.

Shoes – Separate your shoes from the rest of your clothes.  Whether traveling across the country or just across town, a drawstring bag can keep dirty shoes from soiling the rest of your clothes.

Gym clothes – Contain the clothing.  Pack your clean clothes in your drawstring bag before you go to the gym and once finished – use it to bundle up the used clothing.  That way you don’t have socks and undergarments loose in your bigger bag.

Shopping – Unexpected trips.  You never know when you need to stop by the store and a drawstring bag will fold up neatly to keep in your purse or backpack.

Travel pack – Necessary essentials. If you travel a lot, there are things that you always need.  Keep items like toiletries and grooming items in a drawstring bag so that you just have to transfer one item when planning your next trip.

Lunch – Skip the sack.  You need a bag to carry your lunch and a drawstring bag works great.  Save the paper and forget the plastic – a drawstring bag works better.

Gift – Better than wrapping paper.  Gift paper and gift bags are a pain.  Drawstring bags are a cinch to use, they look better – and they are reusable.

Backpack – with an extra-long string.  One of the “new” types of drawstring bags is also the most popular.  It’s a minimalist’s backpack with two “straps” made from the strings.  

Drawstring bags come in every shape, size and fabric.  They are handy and reusable.  They can be pretty or plain and some can even be personalized.  No matter what they look like or whether you use them for clothes, gifts or edibles – the drawstring bag should be on your list of “must haves.”