Responding to the Case Against a California Plastic Bag Ban

March 07, 2014
A recent New York Times article offered a forum for both sides to present their case on banning plastic bags throughout the state of California. State Senator Alex Padilla has introduced a bill that would phase single-use plastic bags out of the state for good, but the usual pushback from special interest groups is certain to make the issue a volatile one. The 100 communities in California already relying on wholesale shopping bags for carrying groceries have plenty of evidence to offer in...
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Promotional Bags: The Way to Impact Customers and the Environment

February 24, 2014
Modern businesses always hope to combine customer needs, ethical practices and good publicity in the same package. That’s a tall order, but green company initiatives are probably the easiest way to make it happen. Customers love supporting a company that respects the environment and community. Before you plan your next marketing campaign, consider what promotional reusable shopping bags can do for your business. Promotional bags get out any message your company wants to communicate. Whether...
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A Greener New York: The Push to Bag the Plastic Returns

February 18, 2014
Since New York City is getting a weekly dose of snow this winter, the look on the streets is decidedly white. However, a hint of greener things to come is popping up in the City Council with a bill that place fees on plastic bags returns. Though you can find stores with wholesale reusable shopping bags at most counters in New York, a statewide bill making it mandatory to charge for single-use bags would force big changes in the Big Apple. As it stands, New York wastes plastic bags on a scale...
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Going Green: Where the Money’s At for Business Owners

February 12, 2014
Advocates for the environment have always looked for ways to show conservation as the epitome of common sense. If we help foster a healthy ecosystem, doesn’t everyone benefit? The answer may be clear, but business owners are only starting to realize how going green is a money maker in terms of operation savings and branding in today’s marketplace. From reusable shopping bags to retrofitting HVAC systems, a green company mission is the profitable way to go. Indeed, everyone wins when...
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Are Wholesale Tote Bags the Answer to Plastic Bag Pollution?

February 05, 2014
They say the plastic bag is our modern-day tumbleweed. No matter where you go in your daily travels, you’ll find plastic bags zipping by you, getting stuck under your feet or clogging the gutter. The widespread littering and pollution you see has prompted many communities to ban plastic bags. Are wholesale tote bags the answer to this problem? Though you can’t say replacing single-use bags with reusable bags at checkout counters will eliminate pollution, it would undoubtedly make a...
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Dallas City Council Debates Plastic Bag Ban

January 29, 2014
With plastic bags already banned in Austin and eight other cities in Texas, the larger cities in the state are looking into ways to reduce a growing pile of plastic waste. On January 15, 2014 the Dallas City Council debated ways to address the problem. In March, the council will take a vote on a detailed proposal. Store owners who want to get the jump on a potential plastic bag ban are already thinking about designing wholesale reusable bags for their stores. When a city finally agrees to put...
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Virginia Plastic Bag Bill Hits General Assembly

January 22, 2014
It’s barely weeks into 2014, but Virginia’s state assembly already has a bill that would allow districts in the northern part of the commonwealth to impose a tax on disposable (i.e. single-use) bags as long as they notify the tax agency about the plan. If this bill became law, it would create a situation similar to Washington, D.C., where a tax is in place to encourage the adoption of reusable shopping bags. Local environmental groups celebrated the dramatic decline in use of plastic bags...
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Hawaii Plastic Bag Ban Is First to Go Statewide

January 15, 2014
Due to the complications of U.S. politics, no plastic bag ban has been able to cover every county within a state, that is, until now. Hawaii has passed legislation that brings all four of the state’s populated counties under a plastic bag reduction effort. As every Hawaiian gets into the habit of using eco-friendly grocery bags, there is hope when it comes to reducing the pollution of this great state’s natural resources. Natural Resources That Demand Protecting One of the Sierra Club...
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China Celebrates 5 Years of Plastic Bag Ban!

January 08, 2014
When looking to the world’s eco-friendliest countries, it’s rare to consider China on any shortlist. However, China is now celebrating the five-year anniversary of their plastic bag ban. Environmental experts have been speculating why the world’s most notorious polluter banned plastic; but the reality is reusable shopping bags are the norm in one of the world’s top consumer markets. Clearly, part of the motivation was tied to the horrendous effects plastic bags have on the ecosystem. At...
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L.A. Community Embraces the Switch to Reusable Grocery Bags

December 26, 2013
It is safe to say that residents across Los Angeles seem to be enthusiastic about the plastic bag bang that is soon going into effect. In fact, reports of enthusiasm and collaboration are widespread as the largest U.S. city to ban plastic bags makes the switch to eco-friendly reusable grocery bags . The L.A. Times recently reported the city is teaming up with nonprofit organizations supporting war veterans and at-risk youth and manufacturing reusable bags for the cause. Together with...
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