Reusable Bags: How to Be the Change Your Community Needs

June 20, 2014
There is a quote, often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, which suggests you “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Although Gandhi indeed said it much subtler than that, the general point is the same: A single act by a single person has an effect on the community at large. Multiply that change by the number of people in a city and the effect may be enormous. Store owners who choose to stock wholesale reusable shopping bags can begin such a trend in their community. Reusable bags are...
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Is Your Business on a Green Mission? Start with Custom Reusable Bags

June 13, 2014
There has never been a better time to start making your company greener. Consumers respond to businesses that respect the environment for the sake of the community and the planet as a whole. Frankly, there is too much bad news about the environment to ignore. If you use resources in the pursuit of profit, people want to know you’re doing it efficiently. Start by replacing paper or plastic bags with wholesale custom bags that are reusable. What does a bag have to do with conserving resources?...
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Can Reusable Shopping Bags Replace Plastic Bags Forever?

June 06, 2014
When lawmakers decide it’s time to ban plastic bags in a city (like Chicago) or whole state (like California), they assume that single-use bags end up in trashcans or kitchen cabinets. In fact, statistics show hardly any of these bags are recycled. Huge volumes of waste are created for the simple act of transporting groceries and supplies home. According to CalRecycle, a measly 5% of the 14 billion plastic bags Californians take home every year get recycled. Despite what plastic bag...
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Green Tips for Business Owners This Summer

May 28, 2014
It’s challenging to conserve energy in the heat of the summer, but every effort helps the community as well as the bottom line of business owners operating on a budget. From replacing plastic bags with reusable wholesale tote bags to getting more from you air conditioning system- here are tips on going green this summer. Spending Less for Cooling and Lighting Business owners who have ceiling fans installed can gain an extra 4 degrees of coolness, which allows you to keep the air conditioner...
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California Assembly Moves to Ban Plastic Bags Statewide

May 21, 2014
There have been attempts to ban plastic bags across California in the past, but a new twist to a bill in the state assembly may be the element that finally wins the day against single-use plastic bags. Committee members advanced a proposal that would in effect ban plastic grocery bags throughout California. Instead of dealing with plastic bag lobby interference, the state will provide incentives for companies to switch to production of reusable wholesale grocery bags, eliminating any argument...
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Plastic Bag Bans Address the Waste of Oil and Energy

May 12, 2014
You can see the causal waste of energy in every facet of daily life. From the office buildings with their lights running overnight to gas-guzzling cars and single-use grocery bags, wasting energy – and the resources needed to produce it – has become a way of American life. However, there are ways to confront these wastes. Reusable wholesale grocery bags and smart energy practices at home show just how simple it can be. Bags Made of Oil High carbon emissions present problems for the world in...
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South Pasadena Unanimously Approves Plastic Bag Ban

May 05, 2014
The vote to ban plastic bags was unanimous. South Pasadena’s City Council approved a ban for grocery stores, farmers’ markets and retail chains alike to go into effect June 2014. By planning to order and hand out w reusable shopping bags as part of the legislation, the South Pasadena government is making it easy on residents and store owners at once. There is no need for single-use bags in grocery stores, and there is no need to complain about the reusable bags to replace them. Mayor...
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Custom Totes Are the Perfect Beach Bags for Summer

April 26, 2014
When summer arrives, everyone is looking for a lightweight, durable and attractive bag to carry along to the beach. The usual articles – sunscreen, towels and a paperback novel – fit nicely into wholesale tote bags, making them a great call for business promotions or gifts as the warm seasons arrive. Bags that are durable enough to be reused repeatedly have become popular in our eco-friendly times. In cities and coastal towns, the effects of single-use bags are easy to see. Polluted waterways...
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Landslide: Chicago City Council Bans Plastic Bags in 36-10 Vote

April 18, 2014
Though the debate in Chicago’s City Council was vigorous, aldermen voted 36-10 to ban plastic bags on April 30. The biggest city in the Midwest will ban plastic bags entirely in chain stores beginning in 2015. Smaller retailers are exempt from the legislation until 2016. Rather than settling for a fee or discount when shoppers didn’t bring bags to the store, the Council’s decision means reusable wholesale grocery bags will be the norm in the Windy City. The legislation, sponsored by Alderman...
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Is New York Finally Ready for a Plastic Bag Law?

April 11, 2014
As California plastic bag bans celebrate their anniversaries and officials ponder a statewide ban, it’s come time to look east. New York City’s City Council already has more than 20 supporters of a minimum 26 needed to move a plastic bag law forward. Is this New York’s time to embrace reusable wholesale shopping bags for good? Considering the disastrous effects plastic bags have had on the Big Apple, most people hope the law’s time has arrived. Like many laws banning or charging a fee for...
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