South Pasadena Unanimously Approves Plastic Bag Ban

May 05, 2014
The vote to ban plastic bags was unanimous. South Pasadena’s City Council approved a ban for grocery stores, farmers’ markets and retail chains alike to go into effect June 2014. By planning to order and hand out w reusable shopping bags as part of the legislation, the South Pasadena government is making it easy on residents and store owners at once. There is no need for single-use bags in grocery stores, and there is no need to complain about the reusable bags to replace them. Mayor...
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Custom Totes Are the Perfect Beach Bags for Summer

April 26, 2014
When summer arrives, everyone is looking for a lightweight, durable and attractive bag to carry along to the beach. The usual articles – sunscreen, towels and a paperback novel – fit nicely into wholesale tote bags, making them a great call for business promotions or gifts as the warm seasons arrive. Bags that are durable enough to be reused repeatedly have become popular in our eco-friendly times. In cities and coastal towns, the effects of single-use bags are easy to see. Polluted waterways...
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Landslide: Chicago City Council Bans Plastic Bags in 36-10 Vote

April 18, 2014
Though the debate in Chicago’s City Council was vigorous, aldermen voted 36-10 to ban plastic bags on April 30. The biggest city in the Midwest will ban plastic bags entirely in chain stores beginning in 2015. Smaller retailers are exempt from the legislation until 2016. Rather than settling for a fee or discount when shoppers didn’t bring bags to the store, the Council’s decision means reusable wholesale grocery bags will be the norm in the Windy City. The legislation, sponsored by Alderman...
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Is New York Finally Ready for a Plastic Bag Law?

April 11, 2014
As California plastic bag bans celebrate their anniversaries and officials ponder a statewide ban, it’s come time to look east. New York City’s City Council already has more than 20 supporters of a minimum 26 needed to move a plastic bag law forward. Is this New York’s time to embrace reusable wholesale shopping bags for good? Considering the disastrous effects plastic bags have had on the Big Apple, most people hope the law’s time has arrived. Like many laws banning or charging a fee for...
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Custom Shopping Bags: Green Advertising for Business Owners

April 04, 2014
Business owners hoping to show their green stripes have a variety of options at their disposal today. You can run a paper-free workplace, run HVAC equipment at high efficiency standards or change every light bulb to a compact fluorescent model. These efforts make a big impact, but custom shopping bags provide you with a two-sided opportunity to do something green and spread the word in the community simultaneously. Drop Single-Use Bags You’ll hear statistics about plastic bags and their...
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How Avoiding Plastic Bags Starts a Green Domino Effect

March 28, 2014
Lost in the hype of plastic bag bans across the country is the impact legislation has on the entire community. Once single-use bags disappear, members of the community begin conserving resources in many other ways. There is a palpable “green” domino effect. It starts with wholesale custom shopping bags and extends to composting efforts as well as the resources cities use to haul trash from one place to another. A perfect example is the city composting effort undertaken in San Francisco....
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Rhode Island Leans Toward Plastic Bag Ban

March 21, 2014
Of all the states hurt by plastic bag pollution in local seas, Rhode Island may feel the most pain. For this reason, state officials are sponsoring a bill that would ban plastic bags at checkout counters throughout the Ocean State. While there are communities in Rhode Island that have already banned plastic bags, this legislation would make them disappear from all checkout counters in the state. In an area that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and has 30 islands off its coast and the...
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Chicago Charges Forward With Plastic Bag Ban

March 14, 2014
Less than a year after failing in an attempt to ban plastic bags in Chicago, City Council members have the votes to deliver an even stronger law to address plastic bag waste in the Second City. Alderman Joe Moreno told reporters he has the votes to make a full plastic bag ban become law regardless of whether Chicago’s mayor signs the bill. Once it passes, Chicago shoppers will bring eco-friendly reusable tote bags to the store during shopping trips, saving millions of plastic bags a day. Like...
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Responding to the Case Against a California Plastic Bag Ban

March 07, 2014
A recent New York Times article offered a forum for both sides to present their case on banning plastic bags throughout the state of California. State Senator Alex Padilla has introduced a bill that would phase single-use plastic bags out of the state for good, but the usual pushback from special interest groups is certain to make the issue a volatile one. The 100 communities in California already relying on wholesale shopping bags for carrying groceries have plenty of evidence to offer in...
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Promotional Bags: The Way to Impact Customers and the Environment

February 24, 2014
Modern businesses always hope to combine customer needs, ethical practices and good publicity in the same package. That’s a tall order, but green company initiatives are probably the easiest way to make it happen. Customers love supporting a company that respects the environment and community. Before you plan your next marketing campaign, consider what promotional reusable shopping bags can do for your business. Promotional bags get out any message your company wants to communicate. Whether...
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